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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. First I would like to just say that making a blog from scratch is not easy. So major props to all of you savvy bloggers out there who make it look so easy lol. I would consider myself semi-tech smart but now that I have had the time to see how much work really goes into it, I can say first hand it’s no “slice of cake”.

You’re all probably wondering, “oh great another basic blogger chick” but I aim to be quite the opposite. I am going to focus my content on budget friendly fashion, savvy shopping tips, + beauty secrets that only a pro *10 years on the job force* could know. I have a lot to share so get ready!

A brief little history on me — I am 28 years old. I am a part-time working mother of one fabulous daughter named Riley Nichole. She is almost 3, and wild as can be! I am a devoted lover & spouse to my fiancé Charlie. I work 3 (yes 3) part-time jobs… so maybe that technically makes me a full-time working mom? But I love what I do, so I don’t consider it work at all. I work as a freelance artist for CHANEL on their L.A Core Team. I also work at a small mom & pop beauty shop/salon near where I live in Valencia. I love this job specifically because of the owner. She is wonderful, flexible, and a great boss. Lastly, I am a licensed Cosmetologist of 10 years so I have my own side business where I freelance doing hair + makeup for events & weddings. I am a Sagittarius, so I am stubborn but driven — which in turn I guess makes perfect sense of who I really am. (I was never huge on horoscopes). If you’re still intrigued after reading all of that then hit the subscribe button below & join me in some crazy…. but mostly fun posts to come!

xo, gypsychildofthewild

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